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Reusable Shopping Bags Are Here To Stay. This Product Revolutionizes Them!



Multiple bags in 1 pouch: Reduce the clutter of foldable bags; store bags between shopping trips and have them on hand at all times. Available as 3-pack or 5-pack.

Convenient pouch with clip: Fits in purse or car cup-holder and clips to shopping cart, belt loop or key chain.

Easy access to produce bags: Pouch features separate bottom opening for mesh produce bags (sold separately in 3-pack).

Sturdy & Lightweight Bags: Made of woven high density polyester cloth, each bag will hold up to 50 lbs, yet stuffs away easily into small pouch for storage.

Perfect Size: Shopping bags are large – 14” x 14” x 5” deep with 10” arms to allow for hand holding or shoulder toting.

No more bacteria, stains or odors: Bags are machine washable and pouch is mesh for breathability.  


North Americans use about 115 billion plastic bags a year. Few are recycled. Most are used once to carry groceries, and then maybe re-used as garbage bags or to wrap dog poop before ending up in the landfill or the ocean. The resulting environmental and wildlife issues are well known. To combat this, over 200 states/counties/municipalities in the US and Canada have enacted ordinances either imposing a fee on plastic bags or banning them outright – including the state of California and all the territories of American Samoa, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, plus the City of Montreal which has banned even biodegradable bags as of Jan. 1, 2018. For the rest, the responsibility for ‘doing the right thing’ is in the hands of each individual retailer.

Doing the Right Thing is Easy with EcoGo!